Longarm Custom Quilting

Quilting and finishing someone else’s quilt is somewhat new to me (at least for strangers).  However, I am happy to work with you in finishing your quilt.  I have recently upgraded my longarm machine with a HandiQuilter Avante.

At this point I will be keeping pricing simple.  I will be pricing according to size of quilt and complexity of design; pricing will also be dependent on how much of the materials you will supply.

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.03 cents per square foot.

Quilt Sizes (no drop)

  • Crib size 36 x 45 =  $49
  • Couch size 54 x 68 = $110
  • Twin size 63 x 87 = $165
  • Double size 78 x 87 = $200
  • Queen size 84 x 92 = $230
  • King size 100 x 92 = 275

This pricing is based upon using stippling/random patterns and your supplying backing and batting materials.

Custom Quilting

The above prices would be the base price for custom quilting. Amount of increase price is based on complexity of quilt patterns.

This would includes  outline/ditch quilting, many pattern changes, template/rulers, specialty borders, thread color changes, etc.  Exact price is estimated at consultation.

For those who would prefer that I supply the materials to complete your quilt the prices are as follows:


$15.00 per yard


I will make and add binding made from fabric that you supply and machine stitch it to your quilt for an additional charge of $25.00.

If you choose to supply backing and batting please note the following.

Backing and Batting

  • Fabric Choices: Knits or other stretchy fabbrics, painted fabrics and upholstery weight fabrics are not acceptable choices for backing on a longarm machine. No minky fabrics, please. Backing should be 100% cotton.
  • Size: Quilt backs and batting should be 4″ larger on all four sides – than your quilt top. If your quilt is 40 inches wide by 40 inches long – your backing would be 48″ x 48″.
  • Batting Choices: –Dream Cotton is 100% cotton lightweight batting – drapes well.              –Warm and Natural is 100% cotton – warm dense batting.                                                         –Poly is a lofty  batting  but is of lesser quality than cotton but will wash well. If you are looking for loft I would suggest 80/20 batting Heirloom or Hobbs.

Quilt Preparation

It would help me tremendously if you would do the following before sending me your quilt to finish:

  • Examine your seams: Try to do an inspection of your top to make sure all the seams are sewn together. Seams that are not completely sewn together can get caught in the hopping foot and cause damage to the quilt top.
  • No Embellishments: Quilt top should be free of embellishments such as buttons, charms, pins, sequins, couching, etc. Those should be added AFTER the top is quilted.
  • Mark Directional Fabric: If you have a directional top or backing, please mark it with a note and safety pin to indicate “TOP?
  • No Basting: Do not pin or baste your top, batting and backing layers together. They go onto the longarm machine as separate items.
  • Please press your quilt top.

I Cannot Longarm Quilt Tops Wider Than 109 Inches.  Length is not a problem.

Please feel free to email me with any questions and for pricing quotes at arvillajune@outlook.com


My quilting is done all freehand for my custom work–I do not have a computer in connection with my longarm machine.  I do have some  pantograph designs and stencils and would work with you regarding your design preferences.

If you have any other questions, just email me (arvillajune@outlook.com).  I will always respond and I would love to quilt for you!