“If we are to better the future we must disturb the present.”

Catherine Booth

I am creating this website to become a resource for those who need a place to go for inspiration and assurance that God is faithful and still at work in the world.

As a retired Salvation Army Officer my view of the world has changed and is different in many ways which is why I’ve titled this website, “View from the Balcony.”  Perspective is a powerful thing and informs all of our decision making processes.  It is imperative that we be sure that we are in the place that God wants us so that we can see what He wants us to see from His perspective. I would like to share how God has worked in my life both personally and through my ministry to accomplish His purposes for me.

I want to “disturb the present” with the Spirit’s guidance in order to participate in Kingdom building as I work to discover how the Lord is going to work that “disturbance” out in and through my life.

My prayer is that God would use me in this new way to be His messenger and as a conduit to encourage and if possible to resource those He sends my way.

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