Arvilla’s Studio

Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, 
giving thanks to God  the Father through Him.   
Colossians 3:17

Today’s Tasks

Feeling very productive this week. I got a Quilt for Quilts of Valor quilted. One more to do. Hopefully will get it on the frame tomorrow.

Completed the Georgia Bulldog quilt.

I confess that this one gave me a few problems. It took me a bit of time to decide how to use the material to advantage. The pattern is basic and should have gone together quickly and easily annnnnd therein lies the problem. I have noticed that when I put together “easy” patterns that my focus goes astray a bit and when that happens I usually have to get out the seam ripper and back up and start over. Anyway I like the outcome. Just hope Debbie likes it!

I have made some progress on my Christmas quilt/wall hanging.

I have the border cut and ready to sew on but am wondering if I want to add more to it to make it a bigger quilt. At present it be about 44 x 44. Hmmmm. What to do?

From this point forward are previous entries.

Today I am working on two projects both of them quilts. One is a quilt I am doing for a friend and the other is a Christmas quilt.

This one is a Georgia Bull Dog quilt. I just need to add the last row of blocks and border in order to finish the quilt top. The next step would be to put it on the longarm along with the batting and backing so that it can be quilted. Then its just a matter of squaring up the quilt and adding the binding. I will post a picture or two of the next steps.

My Christmas quilt is in the design stage. I have embroidered a few blocks in a redwork style and am now in the process of selecting material to go with it. Thus far I have only one picked out that I want to use–how, I’m not sure yet. Anyway here is a photo. (It’s not laid out in the manner that I plan to use it. I just wanted to see the blocks on that material.)

As you can see–if you look close–I have not yet cleaned all of the stabilizer from the back of the blocks. A work in progress….

Stacked Tree Ornaments

I have finished my latest project called stacked tree ornaments and wall hangers. Here is a photo of the various sizes. The small ones are 8 inches; medium 15 inches; large 18 inches.

These are the last of the Christmas ornaments I plan to make at this time.

In addition to these I have made:

Lace Ornaments that are done in a variety of colors except the cardinal ornament.

Candy Cane Ornaments that are also done in a variety of fabrics and colors.

Quilted Ornaments again done in a variety of materials and colors.

I do believe that I am finished with my ornament ‘journey.’

Combining Mediums

Today’s project was a bit of a detour from what I have been working on. Sometimes you just need a break. Currently I am working on an assortment of Christmas ornaments. I have about 80 completed. Most of them have been crafted using my embroidery machine, some are made on my regular sewing machine. I am in the process of making what are called stacked Christmas trees. There are three sections–bottom, middle, top. Each section is made independently and then sewn together bottom to top, hence, stacked. They are still a work in progress.

Thus the needed break. I saw an idea (maybe in Kirkland?) and liked it so I thought I would see if I could do something similar. What I did was basically combine art and sewing.

The process is to stretch a piece of canvas and gesso it. When dry do a water color sketch or mini painting or simple design. Here is my first attempt. I just wish I had done a better sketch or design, oh, well.

Like I said, not real happy with the artwork, sigh, but I do like the concept. Unfortunately i’m going to have to come up with a much cheaper hanger. Been thinking about and looking for something much simpler. Suggestions welcome.

Arvilla’s Studio

Well, I’ve decided to make this page one of sharing activity in my studio/workroom. I am so blessed to have this space and all of the tools this room contained, much of which has been accrued over the years. Also savings over time have allowed me to invest in this room in retirement. I am also blessed with a husband who wants to see me pursue my talent and love of art and quilting. As an active Salvation Army Officer I was able to put these talents to work a bit but never had the time to just jump in the deep end and indulge myself the time that it takes to pursue my love of quilting and painting. Now I thank God everyday to be this blessed. I don’t know why I am but grateful that it is a reality.

So…how bout a tour of the place?

The photo above is my main working area which includes my sewing machine, my embroidery machine, my work table and my design wall.

In my second year of retirement a couple of friends and I decided it would be fun to do a Craft Show together. We worked for almost a whole year to prepare for the event. In the process Cranstetler Crafts came into being and as we became more involved in craft fairs and events we separated into our own spaces and “businesses.” My business is now called Arvey’s Creations.

So far it has been quite a journey and I’ve met some wonderful individuals and have had the opportunity to share my witness; to answer quilting questions and talk shop with other quilters. A chance to be “salt and light” in a way that I never expected to be. At one “chance” meeting (for me chance means an opportunity given by the Lord) with another longarmer who quilts for Quilts of Valor. Quilts of Valor provide quilts to veterans. It is an awesome ministry that depends on donations of money, materials and abilities. Anyway, at this chance meeting, I was given the opportunity to become one of their longarmers and it is now my privilege share in the process of making a quilt for a veteran.

I love being at an event and have a previous customer come and chat and to interact with other vendors. I just love being a part of this community!

So from time to time it is my plan to share what I am currently working on in my studio. This page/blog is a work in progress so any suggestions, questions and observations would be welcome.

What’s Happening now…

The description below is a bit about me and describes one of the purposes I had intended for this blog. As you have discovered I have transitioned this block over to my husband. He is an awesome theologian who has the ability to apply theology and his beliefs in practical living. His faith is evident in his everyday life especially in his relationships. Before retirement, Don’s theology always informed his calling and his relationship with the Lord.

I look forward to “sit” under his ministry once again through this blog. Me? If ever I need to express myself, I will do it on this page.

Thanks friends for your prayers and support.


Hi! My name is Arvilla and I am a child of God who is a wife, mother, grandmother and retired Salvation Army Officer.  I have been happily married to Don Hostetler since September 13, 1969.  We have four children and thirteen grandchildren. We are now retired and live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

In my retirement I am indulging in my creativity for quilting, painting and crafting.  I mostly love to quilt and sew but even so I find I cannot stay away from the paint brush for very long.  I love to “create” and become excited to see those creations come to fruition.

The title of this blog is “Arvey’s Creations.” The name Arvey is a childhood nickname given me by my friends and as such holds special meaning for me.

In order to “fund my habit” I have  become a vendor at arts & craft fairs and festivals. I have discovered that I really do enjoy these events because of all the individuals that I meet at these events: other vendors, browsers, and customers. I have even had the privilege to pray with a few folks!

This retirement thing is working out well for me!