You Were Right

My son, Kevin a wonderfully creative poet wrote a special poem to me that I thought I would share. Read and be blessed…and maybe one day I may share a bit of the story behind this poem.

I've been saying it for years now
It was only difficult to admit that first time
And now
Now when I say it
Or even when the thought skates fleetingly through my head
It is followed immediately by amusement
That kind of amusement that comes from being in on the joke
Having the first clue
And just being a party to the wisdom of life
The amusement doesn't often show
Often sitting at the periphery
And occasionally giving nothing more than a brief twitch
A sudden tick
A light tremble of the mouth
And sometimes I can't help but smile
And play the grinning fool in my amusement
As I once again am forced to say it
You were right
Your were right, Mom
You were right

(Love you too, Kevin.)