The Right Tool

My sewing machine was on it’s last leg and just a smidge from dying! I was trying to finish the last few projects for my upcoming Arts & Craft sale. Sigh, it didn’t make it. It needed to be fixed. I could not in good conscience continue to use it as it was affecting the quality of my work.

With a heavy heart I looked into a possible replacement. I did not want to simply fix my machine because I had been hoping to replace it with an upgraded one if I could make enough money at my next sales event. My husband urged me to go ahead look into purchasing a new machine. As I set out to look for a new machine I was calculating what I could perhaps expect to make at the sale verses what I could afford to add to that. I was assuming that the machine I had had my eye on was out of the question so this was not a very happy task for me.

I decided to check out the brand of machine I was hoping for knowing that there was no way I could afford the one I actually had my eye on. But, nothing ventured nothing gained. To my surprise and flickering hope…A huge sale! Dare I push the budget to actually get the one that I wanted? It was almost within my budget range but not quite. What to do? My mind was trying to think things through while watching the demonstration by the salesperson. My prayers were going heavenward pleading for help as to what I should do. To help me not to simply give into my want. I worked hard to listen to what the Lord was saying to me while trying to beat back my excitement at a possible purchase. So close and yet so far!

I did it! (Do I have an awesome husband or what! Rather than being upset at the added cost He encouraged me that we could work it out, no problem.) The arts and craft sale went very well and I was able to apply it to a good portion of the cost of the machine. I now have my “dream machine.” ….I have my dream sewing machine….wow….

As I was finishing up projects for the sale on my new machine, I realized how easy everything was going. The machine was working correctly and I did not have to fight with it. I had forgotten how relaxing and enjoyable sewing could be for me. I had been so frustrated sewing on my old machine that all I had been experiencing was disappointment, anxiety and tension. I could not help but think of the old adage, ‘the right tool for the right job.’ Yet even when you do use the correct tool if it is not used correctly or in disrepair it is no better than using the wrong tool.

I am so looking forward to working on my next projects and discovering all of the features that are now available to me on my new sewing machine. Two things I have appreciated through all of this: first that the joy of creativity can and will push through obstacles to come to fruition; second I was reminded that with the right tools creativity enlarges itself by leading to new possibilities.

In all of this I thank my Lord for helping me to navigate the minefield of temptation as to what I can and should do in this whole situation.

A peek at my next project.

It will be a table runner….I think

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