The Quilt Shop

This past weekend we spent some time in Berlin, Ohio attending the Hostetler family Quinquennial (every 5 years) Reunion. During down time I went to as many quilt shops as I could. Now that I am on my way home I have been thinking about the pleasure I get from going to these shops. What is it about these places that give me so much pleasure is the question I’ve been contemplating.

Part of it is the array of colors, patterns, and textures but it is more than that. What I like most are the possibilities and challenges that the quilt shop represents. What kind of project will I discover? Quilt, throw, table runner, wall hanging or something totally different like an embroidered “tile” wall hanging. When the project is discovered then comes the creative joy of material selections–colors and print patterns–as well as all the bling and stuff that will complete my creation. Next comes the challenge of bringing my project into being when I get it back to my studio.

Then there are the discoveries of some beautiful material that you just need to have and can figure out later how to use it. I just finished a project with material that I had purchased in Oregon about ten years ago. I have more material that falls into this category. That too provides me with the joy of anticipated discovery of a future project.

It is at this point that I want to heap lots of praise and love on my husband who understands my joy of quilt shops and my need to “create.” If he is with me he will wait patiently for me to complete my visit especially if we are traveling he will make it possible to visit the area quilt shops. (Thank you New York Times Crossword puzzles that makes his wait time more pleasant!)

In my visit to Berlin’s quilt shop I found a few gems that I am looking forward to using. Unfortunately, I know that I am going to have to keep reminding Don that I cannot charge $600 to $1200 dollars for the quilts that I sell!

Ravi Zacharias in his podcast on Pleasure points out that true pleasure is derived simply from enjoying the intrinsic goodness of the activity. It is like taking a walk to enjoy nature versus walking for exercise purposes.

What is it that gives you pleasure? Sewing, music, art, walking, reading….? Enjoy without excuse.

“May all your ups and downs in life be with a needle and thread.”

1 thought on “The Quilt Shop”

  1. What great thoughts. I can relate to the joy of entering a quilt shop, or any craft shop. It’s like a candy store… I want a little of everything.
    Thanks for putting your thoughts on virtual paper!!


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