Yesterday evening we arrived home from our son’s house after about a nine hour drive. We arrived home tired, emotionally spent, and filled with worry regarding our son’s health and future. But something happened when I walked through the door. I felt a sigh of relief unexpectedly slip out of me. ‘Huh, where did that come from?’ I thought.

Then an old song I recall singing as a kid popped into my mind: “Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.” What is it about ‘home’, about being home that brings such a sense of peace to my heart? Coming home and feeling so exhausted this time I realized that I was feeling like one of those tiny baby birds under the protection of its mother’s wings. Even though I was tired and worn out I knew that I would find rest and renewed energy in due time. 

You see the thing I love best about the home Don and I have built really has nothing to do with any particular house but has everything to do with the relationships that are it’s foundation. The relationship between me and Don and our relationship with the Lord. This foundation provides for our needs be they physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Home for me is a haven of security, safety and rest. No real surprise then, after facing a storm of fear and uncertainty, that the simple act of coming home brought a sense of peace to my heart. The old gospel song says it well:

How precious the thought that we all may recline,                                                                        

Like John, the beloved so blest,                                                                                                               

On Jesus’ strong arm, where no tempest can harm,                                                                  

Secure in the “Haven of Rest.”

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