Retired.  Am I really old enough to be retired? Already? After almost a year I still find it difficult to believe that I am retired! We won’t even mention the fact that I must be at least 65….

It has been an interesting year. A year of changes, adjustments, and a year of reminding myself that surely I must still have some kind of purpose. For forty-three years my purpose was defined by my calling served out in The Salvation Army but now that ‘purpose’ has been completed. So now what? Has the Lord put me out to pasture? You know, like the ones mentioned in the 23rd Psalm. Perhaps. I certainly live in a beautiful and peaceful setting. No, the reality is that there is no retirement from God’s calling or service.  It is just more of a challenge these days.  I find that my personal wants and desires tend to get in the way more.

For a few weeks now I have been thinking about writing a blog; being a part of a family of successful and professional writers, this is a scary thing for me to undertake.  But undertake it I will do since I feel that the Lord is leading me in this direction.

Now I am wrestling with the Lord as to content.  I was reminded by my Corps Officer, Major Angela Repass, that I may have some experience and skills that are still useful. The trick is to find a way to share that experience and skills through this blog in a meaningful and helpful way.

A number of years ago I read Joyce Landorf’s book, Balcony People.  It is a book about the people in our lives who are our affirmers, those who cheer us on and encourage us. Landorf calls them ‘balcony people.’  She writes: “Let me ask you. Who is the affirmer in your life, who by one small sentence or more, has changed and lifted your opinion of yourself? Who was the person early in your life who recognized the first sparks of originality in the labyrinths of your mind and soul, and saw what no one else saw? And who is the special affirmer who catches quick glimpses of the flames from the fires of your potential and tells you so? Who, by his or her words, helps you to respect and believe in your own value as a person? And who is the affirmer who encourages you to stretch and dream beyond your self-imposed limits and capabilities?”

This is what I want to become, a balcony person.  I want to be an encourager and an affirmer. I also want to challenge my readers to find new and creative ways in which to build the Kingdom.

As I look at my world from my retirement balcony I will try to listen intently to the Lord’s leading on what topics to write about and share.

At this point  I do not know how often I will blog, I think weekly. Your suggestions are welcome.

So I begin with a quote from A.W. Tozer: “We can be in our day what the heroes of faith were in their day – but remember at the time they didn’t know they were heroes.” I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people, and his incomparably great power for us who believe.  (Ephesians 1:18-19)


5 thoughts on “Retired”

  1. Just read your first “blog entry”. Great job!! It will be fun to read things to come. God is doing new and amazing things in and through you 😊


  2. Well said. And welcome to the blogosphere. I’d love to be a balcony person for you, but it’s probably more realistic for me to be a basement person….the slovenly relation who sometimes pops upstairs because he smells coffee and is due for his monthly bath. Just seems more fitting.


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