A Labor of Love

This site began as Arvilla’s outlet for her writing and sharing the joys of her crafting and quilting. She has developed it over time and uses it to connect with those who view her gorgeous quilts at craft shows.

After years of challenging Don to put his own writing skills to use, he finally began doing so when challenged to share encouraging thoughts with Salvation Army officers on the front lines of ministry. He also decided to do as Arvilla suggested and share a sermon each week.

Don’s Study contains his messages of encouragement for Corps and ARC Officers.

Don’s Sermons come from his archive of sermons, following the New International Lectionary.

About Don’s Study is just that – an explanation of that page.

Arvillas’ Studio contains Arvilla’s writings and photos of her extraordinary creative output.

Arvilla’s Portfolio contains photos of her creative works.

Longarm Custom Quilting is for those interested in having Arvilla do finish quilting for them on her long arm quilting machine.

Contact is where you go to post a message to one (or both) of us. You can also post a comment at the conclusion of any post.

As it says above, this represents a labor of love for both of us.

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